From being a Mechanic to being a Social Worker to being a cycling nomad

After an apprenticeship as a mechanic I decided to get to know Social Work and found the possibly best place for an internship. After first experiences a study in Social Work followed. 3 years ago I travelled to Peru, Bolivia and Chile. It was fascinating to meet different people and cultures in a foreign place. After my first journey it was obvious that I would like to start a new trip soon. During the last years I worked as a Social Worker and had a lot of very intense moments. After all those wonderful and sometimes tough encounters with other people I was again being pulled to far distances. Being on the road, thriving on the freedom, having a destination in mind and deciding every day anew, keeping in touch with nature and meeting new people are things I am thrilled by and the reasons why I really like being on a journey and travelling by bicycle.


Wanderlust is drawing me into the big, wide world

Most likely I have been infected with “traveller’s fever” already in my childhood when I was on the road with my parents and brothers in a camper van across Europe during each school holiday. After I finished highschool I had the chance to spent eight months in Nepal and it was then and there that I got a taste of travelling independently and with basic means. A bit later coincidence brought me to hitchhiking which – combined with wild camping – became very quickly my absolutely most favourite way of travelling. My strong fascination stemmed both from the constant and intensive contact with very different people and the easiness and trust that came naturally with hitchhiking. At the same time I like to look for a quiet place at night to put up camp and to reflect on the day’s encounters unhurriedly and at peace. Besides all the beautiful experiences that come along this travel style it also is a good exercise for me in the matter of patience, empathy, tolerance and trust. All these character traits are very important to me and are being challenged during journeys of that kind.

After our time together in Canada in which Samuel and I “stayed true” to our styles of travelling we are starting our next journey together – this time both of us cycling.


At once on the way

First of all I had the idea to hike the Pacific Crest Trail and longed to be on the way. During my search for a travel mate I found Sam’s advertisement online. Long distance cycling? That seemed a bit dubious to me at first. I do like race cycling mountain biking but I didn’t really dare to cycle for such a long time. But that changed after our first encounter and I was hooked. And now five months later it is time and at once I am on the way.

Nati accompanied me from the beginning of my journey until mid-July 2017. Thank you very much Nati for the good times we had and for being a faithful and funny companion, for all shared adventueres and encounters.