Taking the long way around the world

Here you’ll find the distance we’ve already covered… and where we are at roughly at the moment. We are always a bit further than it is indicated here, simply because we’re a bit ahead of the internet.. The hearts pinpoint locations which we really liked.

A plan… The plan we have is to restart bicycle touring in Germany towards the East after my 6 months long break. As long as we enjoy (and are able to afford) it.

Our journey East is not as unbolted as Samuel’s former journey through the States and Canada, mainly because of entry regulations of countries beyond Europe. Particularly with regard to visas we have to plan ahead. The route we would like to take would lead us through: Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India, Nepal, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and China.

From North to South

My last journey during six months in 2017 has led me from Anchorage to Denver. During the first part I was cycling together with Nati, then Juli hitchhiked along with me and during the last part I was travelling alone. In the blog entries you can find stories about those adventures and unforgettable encounters with people and nature.

The green lines mark the distances we covered by boat or car. The one following the coastline in Alaska marks the Inside Passage from Haines to Prince Rupert which is very popular and stunning.